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Death Revealed!

Death Revealed! published on No Comments on Death Revealed!

At last, we get a good look at our mysterious reaper. When she’s not on the clock, she is actually quite friendly and approachable. As a result of her reveal today, you’ve probably noticed the header of the site has been updated to show her in her true form.

Look for more information to appear in the coming weeks as we learn more about our shy yet deadly young reaper and her new friend, Bill.

Welcome To “Loved To Death”!

Welcome To “Loved To Death”! published on No Comments on Welcome To “Loved To Death”!

Welcome to my latest and greatest webcomic creation! Some people make babies while trapped inside. I make comics. Go figure.

At any rate, this strip will deal with a down on his luck fella named Bill who, on the worst day of his life, finds out that he’s apparently scheduled to die. However, a little bit of compassion on his part for his chaperone to the afterlife turns his whole situation on it’s head.

Be sure to check back every update as our story unfolds and feel free to comment when you want to give a shout out.

Thanks for reading!

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